meet our team

Leadership team

  • Naomi Burke-Shyne

    Executive Director
  • Colleen Daniels

    Deputy Director
  • Anne Taiwo

    Finance Manager
  • Conference team

    The conference team organises the Harm Reduction International Conference, as well as Constellations: An Online Festival on Drugs and Harm Reduction.

  • Lucy O’Hare

    Conference Director
  • Maddie O’Hare

    Conference Director
  • Ruod Ariete

    Project Assistant
  • Ailish Brennan

  • Public Health and Social Policy Team

    The Public Health and Social Policy team conducts original research and analysis to track developments in harm reduction and ensure people who use drugs have the health and social services they need.

  • Colleen Daniels

    Deputy Director
  • Temitope Salami

    Project Coordinator
  • Human Rights and Justice Team

    The Human Rights and Justice team monitors rights abuses committed globally in the name of drug control, and advocates to promote the human rights of people who use drugs and their communities.

  • Ajeng Larasati

    Human Rights Lead
  • Giada Girelli

    Senior Analyst
  • Cinzia Brentari

    Senior Advisor
  • Marcela Jofre

    Human Rights Analyst
  • Gen Sander

    Human Rights Consultant
  • Sustainable Financing Team

    The Sustainable Financing team provides tools, strategic analysis and evidence to support advocacy for the adequate funding of harm reduction.

  • Catherine Cook

    Sustainable Financing Lead
  • Gaj Gurung

    Research and Policy Analyst
  • Comms Team

    The communications team works to make the case for harm reduction and drug policy reform by amplifying our advocacy and research materials.

  • Suchitra Rajagopalan

    Communications Strategist
  • Erika Dupuis

    Communications Consultant
  • Board of Trustees

    We are governed by a Board of Trustees who are elected for a three-year term.

  • Lucy Burns

  • Kojo Koram

  • Olga Belyaeva

  • Alex Stevens

  • Oluseyi Kehinde

  • Raminta Stuikyte

  • John Porter

  • founder

  • Pat O’Hare

    Founder and Ex-Officio Trustee
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