• Mina Barling

    Mina Barling (she/her) is a public health expert, feminist activist and human rights defender. Her work is concerned with the intersections between harm reduction, human rights, public health and politics. She led early efforts on access to self-administration of medical abortion in restricted settings and has national, programmatic expertise in sexual and reproductive health and justice in colonised and conflict settings, as well as on LGBTQI+ and sex worker rights.

    Mina is the global director of external relations at the International Planned Parenthood Federation. She oversees their global fundraising and resource mobilisation efforts, strategic partnerships, political and multilateral advocacy, digital communications, social movement building and more.

    Mina brings more than two decades of professional practice, a Master’s in international health management, and Bachelor’s degrees in social science (gender) and health science. Most critically she brings her own lived experience, and has worked in community and international non-government organisations, community charities/not-for-profits, social businesses, government departments, cabinet and ministerial offices.

    Mina was born on Noongar land and has lived and worked in Australia, Cambodia, China, East Timor, the U.K. and the U.S.


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