Drugs and Health

Drugs and Viral Hepatitis

People who use drugs are at greater risk of acquiring hepatitis B and hepatitis C. This can be related to sharing drug use equipment as well as sexual activities. Harm reduction interventions are an essential to the global commitment to eliminate hepatitis C by 2030.


prevalence hepatitis C

amongst people who inject drugs


prevalence hepatitis B

among people who inject drugs


of deaths

caused by hepatitis C are attributable to drug use


of deaths

caused by hepatitis B are attributable to drug use

Viral Hepatitis data repository

This repository provides data for a range of indicators related to viral hepatitis and people who inject drugs. Data is sourced from a range of publicly available international datasets, including the UNODC World Drug Report, UNAIDS, the Global Health Observatory, the Global Burden of Disease, the Polaris Observatory and academic modelling studies. The repository provides global and national estimates for each indicator, as well as estimates for the nine Global State of Harm Reduction regions.

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