4 June 2019

Advocacy for the Right to Life and Abolition of the Death Penalty

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Harm Reduction International statements on drug policy and human rights to the 41st session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Ahead of the 41st Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (24 June – 12 July 2019), Harm Reduction International submitted four statements providing updated information and analysis of human rights violations committed in the context of drug control around the world.

The statements are developed in partnership with and co-signed by several civil society organisations from around the world and will inform the Interactive Dialogues on reports presented by Special Rapporteurs. These include:

  • The death penalty for drug offences (with specific focus on its impact on foreign nationals);
  • The abuse of pre-trial detention and the mandatory imposition of disproportionate punishment;
  • The right to health – including mental health – of people who use drugs; and,
  • The duty of states to avoid preventable deaths, such as overdose-related deaths.

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