6 April 2019

Making the Universal Periodic Review work for people who use drugs

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People who use drugs have human rights and fundamental freedoms, which countries must respect, protect and promote, both nationally and internationally. Yet, human rights and drug control have existed in parallel universes for decades, and drug policies receive little scrutiny from human rights mechanisms.

This guide: Making the Universal Periodic Review work for People who use Drugs is developed by Harm Reduction International, the International Drug Policy Consortium and Aidsfonds, and will:

  • Introduce the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and explain its relevance to people who use drugs and civil society activists.
  • Present a global analysis of the recommendations made by UPR cycles completed between 2008 and 2017 (cycles 1 to 3), focusing on the level of attention paid to drug-related issues by the UN Member States under review in regard to both recommendations and voluntary commitments.
  • Provide recommendations and guidance to civil society on how to maximise opportunities of the UPR.

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