2 June 2021

Violations of the Right to Life in the Context of Drug Policies

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Human Rights Council 47th Session - Joint written statement by Harm Reduction International, Corporación ATS Acción Técnica Social, IDPC, Washington Office on Latin America, non-governmental organizations in special consultative status.

Harm Reduction International and co-signatories congratulate Mr Tidball-Binz on his appointment as Special Rapporteur on summary executions.

With this statement, we highlight key violations of the right to life enabled by repressive drug policies or reported in the context of drug law enforcement; and encourage this Rapporteur to pay specific attention to the impact of drug control on the right to life in future activities.

Particular attention is paid to: the death penalty for drug offences; extrajudicial killings and other forms of arbitrary deprivation of life; and, positive obligations under the right to life.

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