30 April 2019

Harm reduction for stimulants

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A range of new harm reduction interventions have emerged in recent years to address harms associated with stimulant use.

Harm Reduction for Stimulants

The harm reduction response to stimulant use remains underdeveloped compared to the harm reduction response to opioid use. This is despite rising prevalence of stimulant use in North America, Asia and sub-Saharan Africa; an end to the long-term decline in stimulant use in Western Europe; and high prevalence of use of cocaine and its derivatives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Community groups, formal and informal networks of people who use drugs have been instrumental in pioneering groundbreaking interventions for people who use stimulants. In doing so, they have been able to provide essential, non-judgemental and specialised harm reduction services where formal services are lacking.

Harm Reduction International partnered with CoAct in the development of this briefing.

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