12 July 2021

Innovation and resilience in times of crisis: The response to COVID-19

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Innovation and resilience in times of crisis (Part 2): The response to COVID-19 from harm reduction services

The COVID-19 pandemic and its related restrictions have brought many changes to the lives of people around the globe. Most notably, the pandemic’s impact has magnified existing inequalities, stigma and repression faced by certain marginalised communities such as people who use drugs. However, the response to COVID-19 has also catalysed – or accelerated – some positive developments which are central to the wellbeing of people who use drugs. This report aims to provide a non-comprehensive review of some of the challenges, and the responses that have been applied to best protect the health and rights of people who use drugs. It has been written to sit alongside a sister report focused on civil society advocacy during the pandemic: Innovation and Resilience in Times of Crisis: Civil society advocacy for drug policy reform under the COVID-19 pandemic.

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