28 October 2021

Advocacy for people who use drugs to be centred in the Global Fund Strategy

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Harm Reduction and INPUD advocate for people who use drugs to be centred, as the Global Fund finalises its Strategy 2023-2028.

Following ongoing advocacy and engagement in the strategy development process – including inputs into the strategy framework as well as first draft of the strategy narrative, HRI and INPUD make three key advocacy asks to the Global Fund Board Delegations:

1. Centre communities – the Strategy must be specific on how its objective to maximise the engagement and leadership of affected communities will be translated into action and delivered.

2. Invest in key populations – the Global Fund must commit to establishing a dedicated funding stream for key populations, with representatives from networks and communities involved in its development and implementation.

3. Connect global to local: the Strategy must recognise communities for their technical expertise, rather than limiting communities to roles that deliver on programmatic goals and objectives set by others – at both global and local levels.

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