24 September 2020

HR21 Theme Announced

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We are extremely excited to reveal that the theme for HR21 is Strength in Solidarity.

Reflecting our commitment to an inclusive and intersectional harm reduction community, Strength in Solidarity is a call to action. Harm Reduction International calls upon our friends and allies to stand together, to act together and to push forward together.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the importance of community and solidarity in the face of crisis. The diversity of the harm reduction movement is its strength.

Our branding represents an inclusive community that stands together. We support each other and push forward collectively. We are different shapes and sizes, but when we come together, we create something bigger, stronger and more beautiful than the sum of its parts.

“Strength in Solidarity is an expression of Harm Reduction International’s belief in the power of the harm reduction community – in all its diversity, energy and courage – when we come together to call for justice.” – Naomi Burke-Shyne, Executive Director

HR21 key image

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