5 March 2024

Harm Reduction International Conference to be held in Bogotá in 2025

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The Harm Reduction International Conference 2025 (HR25) will be held in Bogotá, Colombia on 27-30 April 2025.

In October 2023, Colombia’s new government announced a bold new drug policy that broke away from the war on drugs. It focussed on opportunity and justice.

Among other things the new policy looked to: prevent deforestation linked to drug trafficking; help transition small farmers for the legal economy; and tackle drug use with a focus on public health and human rights.

The Harm Reduction International Conference is going to Colombia to support a country that is taking the leap towards a new paradigm and to learn from the country and region.

Huge thanks to the Colombian Ministry of Justice and Acción Técnica Social for their incredible support in making this happen.

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