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We are looking for an experienced campaign development consultant to support us with our redirection campaign strategy. A familiarity with harm reduction and international campaigns relating to improving the funding landscape and moving away from punitive approaches would be useful.


Founded in 1996, Harm Reduction International (HRI) is a leading NGO dedicated to reducing the negative health, social and legal impacts of drug use and drug policy. We promote the rights of people who use drugs and their communities through research and advocacy to help achieve a world where drug policies and laws contribute to healthier, safer societies.  We provide tools, strategic analysis, and evidence to support advocacy for the adequate funding of harm reduction. We track harm reduction funding trends globally – including support provided by international donors and domestic governments – and the impact these have on HIV and other health responses. We advocate for redirection of funding for punitive drug control towards life-saving, cost-effective, and rights-based harm reduction interventions and in programmes which prioritise health, community and justice.

The vast sums channelled into punitive drug law enforcement impede health responses, perpetuate human rights abuses and are completely out of step with the Global AIDS Strategy 2021-2026 emphasis on decriminalisation. We spend over 750 times more on punitive responses to drugs than we do on life-saving services for people who use drugs. Our mathematical modelling suggests that by redirecting just 7.5% of the funds currently spent on drug law enforcement towards health-based responses to drug use such as opioid agonist therapy and needle and syringe programmes, we could almost entirely end AIDS among people who inject drugs by 2030, preventing viral hepatitis, saving thousands of lives through overdose prevention and improve the health of people who use drugs in prisons and detention centres by providing harm reduction services in those settings.

Originating from harm reduction sector-wide advocacy leading up to UNGASS 2016, the redirection message has been the focus of research, national campaigns and has been picked up by multilateral agencies such as UNAIDS. The call to focus funds on supporting safe and healthy communities as opposed to criminalising communities resonates far beyond harm reduction. Leaders from the racial justice, LGBTQI+, sex workers and women’s movements are our natural allies in challenging exclusion, criminalisation, stigma and discrimination. We now seek to build a strong redirection campaign calling for the redirection of funds from punitive law enforcement to health and harm reduction programmes that connects with parallel campaigns from intersectional movements.

The task

The consultant/company will:

  • Review the evidence base informing the call for the redirection of funds from punitive law enforcement to health and harm reduction programmes (HRI reports and broader literature) and calls with HRI
  • Identify and gather information on existing campaigns outside the harm reduction/drug policy sector that resonate with the call for redirection from punitive approaches to supporting safe and healthy communities
  • Conduct key stakeholder interviews with leaders and/or grassroots activists from racial justice, LGBTQI+, sex workers and/or women’s movements involved in advocacy/campaigns that resonate with the redirection message to inform campaign strategy development
  • Plan and facilitate a strategy planning session with HRI to inform campaign strategy development
  • Develop a redirection advocacy campaign strategy which includes:
    • clear concepts, key messages, timeline, campaign tools and actions
    • launch and dissemination strategy for the campaign (including social media)
    • recommendations for monitoring and evaluating the success of the campaign

While the strategy must be cognizant of available budget and pre-committed outputs (e.g. graphics/animated videos and other digital communication tools, case studies), the consultant will have the flexibility to be creative and innovative when designing the campaign strategy that will be discussed, reviewed and finalised with HRI.


The consultant will be required to submit the following:

  • An 8-10 page report outlining a campaign strategy calling for the redirection of funds from punitive law enforcement to health and harm reduction programmes, based on information gathered through desk-based review of evidence and research on parallel campaigns, key stakeholder interviews and a planning session with HRI.

The report will be reviewed by HRI staff and the consultant is required to incorporate input and feedback to the submitted report.

Timeline and terms

The assignment is expected to take around 11-13 days and the work should be conducted in December/January 2022. The available fee is USD 5,120.

Please send CV and cover letter to hiring@hri.global by midnight GMT on 5th December 2022.

anti-racist pledge

We encourage applications from all qualified candidates, including people who use drugs and people living with HIV.

We are committed to being actively anti-racist.

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